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Hi, I’m Dr. Katharina Stenger. You might know me as „Rina Bambina“ — Retro Photomodel and Coach. I’m a digital nomad, currently living in Germany. I graduated with a PhD in Psychology in 2018 and I opened my own online counseling service.

I always had a special connection to Japan. When I found the wonderful life philosophy of Ikigai, my whole life changed. Being literally „stuck“ during the Pandemic and losing a big part of my identity, learning about my Ikigai was the one thing that kept me going. 

Now, I am grateful to work as a professional Ikigai Coach who combines Japanese wisdom with scientific, psychological techniques in order to boost mental health.


This is not ikigai

Ikigai Diagram Misunderstood Western Version

This Venn Diagram does NOT accurately represent the original JAPANESE IKIGAI concept

Ikigai is not a sweet spot between doing something that you love, that you are good at, that the world needs, and that you can be paid for. There is no framework for the Japanese Ikigai.

The above Venn Diagram is based on the Propósito-Framework by the Spanish Astrologer Andrés Zuzunaga (and has no connection to Japanese culture).


The true Ikigai Webinar Content
Ikigai Webinar Content

What's included?

LIVE Zoom Call

A live 2-hour Zoom call filled with valuable information on what Ikigai means in the context of Japanese culture as well as practical exercises for your every day life.

Ikigai Worksheets Rina Bambina

IKIGAI Worksheets

Digital Ikigai worksheets with frameworks, tools and scales developed by Japanese experts.

BONUS: Personal Call

You can book a free call with me to start your Ikigai Mindset.

Webinar Details


JAN 22nd 2022


7 pm (CET)


The webinar will be held via zoom. 

Who is the webinar for?

Everyone who’s interested in Japanese Culture and Mindset, Psychology and Mental Health.

Your Investment

This Webinar is worth €29,00


Ikigai is your life’s purpose,

the reason you get up in the morning.

It can be something very small,

like taking your dog for a walk,

or your ultimate goal in life.”

– Ken Mogi, Neuroscientist & Author

Rina Bambina Ikigai Coach

I’m Dr. Katharina Stenger, Psychologist and Mindset Coach, with a passion for traveling and Retro Photography. After completing my PhD in Life Span Neuropsychology, I fulfilled my dream to start my own Online Business and counsel people from all over the world.

I visited Japan many times. My Ikigai has helped me to stay grounded in difficult times, to be courageous and to keep pursuing my dreams.

As your Ikigai Mindset Coach, I would like to invite you to reflect on yourself and motivate you to create your everyday life the way you want it to be.

I look forward to accompany you on your own journey to a happy, meaningful life.

Dr. Katharina Stenger Ikigai Psychologin und Coach



Discover Ikigai

2-Hour Webinar with Rina

Date: JAN 22nd 2022 

Time: 7pm CET

Duration: 2 hours 

Cost: €29,00

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Webinar FAQ

The webinar will increase your knowledge about certain aspects of the Japanese Mindset that can serve your personal development. If you feel lost, stressed or if you’re looking for new input and inspiration, the Ikigai Life Philosophy might be just for you!

Please note that this webinar cannot replace psychological counseling or psychotherapy.

Yes, you will get a recording after the Webinar is over. 

Yes, there are other webinars that are inspired by the Japanese art of living and Positive Psychology. Please contact me for more information:

Please send an email to You can also book an appointment to get to know me directly in my calendar. I look forward to working with you!